Your Ultimate Guide On How To Apply Foundation Like A Master


Foundation is very important in achieving a flawless face. You want to ensure that you know the different types of foundations, how to choose the perfect shade for yourself, as well as how and where to apply it. StylishLadies will cover all of that in this article by looking at each area individually. The first area to focus on is the different types of foundations out there.

The most common type of foundation is liquid foundation, primarily because it is easy to use and easy to match against your skin tone. Although some are full coverage, most liquid foundations are usually sheer to medium coverage, but buildable. Buildable means that you can keep adding layers of foundation until you achieve the coverage you desire. Liquid foundations come in tubes, bottles with a pump, bottles with no pump and other various different types of packaging. The most recommended one is tube because you can carefully control how much of the product comes out each time and the tube allows you to get every last drop of foundation and get your money’s worth.

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The second type of foundation is cream to powder. This one is mainly geared towards those who want a full coverage foundation. It comes as a solid stick or in a compact. When it is warmed up on the skin, it liquefies a bit so that you can apply it easily. It operates kind of how cocoa butter or shea butter operates.

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The third type of foundation is a tinted moisturizer. It is a combination of a moisturizer and foundation. Many do not even count this as a foundation because of how little pigment it has but it is a great starting point for a person who is new to makeup.

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Now that you’ve chosen the type of foundation you want, how do you pick the right shade? This is a common question in makeup and many end up purchasing the incorrect shade of foundation because they either, don’t test the foundation on themselves first, or they don’t know where to test the foundation.

 Firstly, as a rule, every time you buy a new foundation, ensure that you test it on yourself before purchasing it. Many makeup store and makeup counters have tester ready for you to test the product before you buy it.

The second rule is to always test foundation on your jaw line or neck. Don’t test foundation on your hand or anywhere else because it is highly possible that your hand and face are not of the same skin tone. Most persons have this issue so just to be safe and accurate, test the foundation on your neck or jaw line. It is always best to test a minimum of three foundations that you think are closest to your complexion, on your jaw simultaneously. That way you are able to compare them. Use your finger to smear each foundation on your jaw with one stroke. The foundation that disappears on your skin, is your perfect match. This method of matching foundation is pretty much fool-proof and is great to use when buying foundation for the first time or when buying a new brand of foundation.

The third thing to know about foundation is how to apply it. Your method of application is really dependent on the type of foundation you use. When using liquid foundation, it is best to use a stippling brush. A stippling brush is one with black and white, soft, synthetic bristles. It is made for liquid products like moisturizers and liquid foundations. They are great for applying product all over the face because the bristles help to create a well-blended and almost airbrushed look. If you are using cream to powder foundation, you want to use a cosmetic sponge because this type of foundation is not easily absorbed by the sponge. It kind of sits on the surface of the sponge and because the product it so thick and solid, the sponge is able to blend it into the skin in a way that the brush cannot do. The sponge also allows you to start off with a little foundation and build it until you achieve the coverage that you desire. For the tinted moisturizer, you can actually use your hands to apply it because the pigment is so minimal that it will not create a blotchy look. If you do however, prefer using a tool to apply your tinted moisturizer, the stippling brush will work perfectly.

Foundation is understandably very critical to understand in order to achieve a flawless face. We looked at the different types of foundation, how to choose your perfect shade of foundation and then how to apply it. You should be a master of foundation by this point. The next area to cover is concealer which we will explore in the upcoming article, stay tuned.

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