Your Ultimate Guide On How To Apply Concealer Like A Master


Concealer is a highly pigmented cosmetic product that is used to cover blemishes, spots, and dark circles, as well as highlighted areas of the face. It is very similar to foundation but it is usually thicker and much more pigmented. It covers up areas of the face in a way that foundation cannot do. If you want to cover a blemish without adding another layer of foundation, concealer will do the job. The three main things that you want to know about concealer in order to achieve a flawless face are what type of concealer to buy, how to find your shade and how to apply it.

The first type of concealer is cream concealer. They are very popular because it tends to be the one that gives the most coverage, just like in the case of foundation. They usually come in little pots or stick form. They also come in quads of different shades that are used mostly by professional makeup artists, to cater to their clientele of various ethnicities.

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These concealers can be tricky to work with and cause more creasing if you don’t know what you are doing. If you are new to makeup, it is best to start with liquid concealer and switch to cream concealer later on when you have mastered the skill.

The second type of concealers is liquid concealer. People may stray away from this one because of the misconception that it is like liquid foundation which is sheer of medium coverage. That is not true. Liquid concealers cover just as well and sometimes even better than cream concealers. They tend to dry quickly which means you have to work fast with it but it also means that it is buildable. You can add multiple layers until you get the coverage that you want. Now that we have looked at the two main types of concealers, let’s look at how to choose the shade that is right for you.


When choosing which shade of concealer is for you, a simple makeup rule is that your concealer is always supposed to be two shades lighter than your foundation. An extension to that rule is that it only applies when using concealer to highlight specific areas of the face. Concealer can be used for many purposes outside of covering dark circles. It can be used without foundation just to cover specific spots or blemishes. In this case, the concealer should be the same shade of the foundation. It can also be used to contour the face, in which case it should be two shades darker that your skin tone. Now let’s look at how to apply concealer.

How and where to apply concealer is very important in creating a flawless face. The main areas to apply concealer are under the eyes, the bridge of the nose, the chin and center of the forehead. This also serves to highlight areas of the face that the sun would naturally hit. This is a technique that most celebrities use to achieve a perfect face. If you prefer a more minimalistic approach however, you can just use the concealer under the eyes and on the bridge of the nose.

When applying concealer, you want to use a concealer brush. This is a flat brush with firm synthetic fibers and it usually has a round edge to help you precisely apply the concealer in the necessary areas. Some brands actually label their brushes so it is easy to find but you are still having difficulty finding the right concealer brush, just go to your local makeup store or makeup counter and ask for it. Once you have applied the concealer, go back in with the foundation brush or sponge and blend out the edges of where the concealer stops. The most important element to achieving a flawless face is ensuring that everything blends together, so always remember this step. Continue blending until it all looks seamless. Blending is key. 

Concealer is not mandatory especially on days when you are in a rush but for days when you want to have a flawless, a-list face, concealer is important. This article outlined the different types of concealers, how to find the right shade and how to apply concealer properly. Now that we have covered the important things to know about concealer, the next step is powder to set and enhance what we have done so far.

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