Ultimate Guide To Choosing Your Perfect Engagement Dress

Newly engaged! Congratulations. For this special occasion there is no doubt that you want to look perfect, and now you’re looking for this perfect dress that reflects your personality and style in fashion. But still you haven’t had a crush on an outfit yet, here we brought you our collection of engagement dresses.

Your prince charming just proposed. What a joy! Now a lot of things will pop up in your head, from engagement party, to the wedding, to the honeymoon. But for now let’s just focus on the engagement party to celebrate this special occasion with your beloved ones. You already know that you are going to be the centre of attention in that event and all eyes will be on you, therefore your dress matter a lot, with so many options and models to choose from , choosing the right Engagement Dress can be a real headache. Well luckily StylishLadies is here, we will walk you the path of choosing the right engagement dress for you. As we mentioned before, there are a lot of options and modules to choose from, choosing the right engagement dress will be based on your style, body shape,and how is your engagement party is going to be.

The simpler the better

You are a simple person,you don’t like to complicate things, and you chose to have a simple engagement party, without anything fancy. We will stay in-theme and choose a simple engagement dress, no worries, you will be gorgeous also in a simple wedding dress, great also for ladies with a soft and calm personality, The good thing about the simple engagement dress is that it looks good on all body shapes. Now let’s pick one! As a suggestion we will go for a simple sheath dress, perfect as your first bridal dress, for the length of the dress it will depend on the timing of the party, if it’s going to be at day we will go for a short one , and a long one if the event will be at night, with few accessories to add a touch of style to your look, such as crystal drop earrings, fine necklace, flower crown if the event is going to be in a green open space .

With a sense of style

You are a fashion oriented person, you want to have a bridal look that reflects your sense of fashion and modernity without limiting yourself in traditional engagement dresses while keeping the original engagement theme at the same time! In this case choosing the right engagement dress for you will be based on your body shape.

For ladies with an “O” body shape

You have a round body shape, so what! A lot of celebrities have a round body shape like , Queen Latifah, Rosie O’donnell, Gabourey Sidibe, Nikki Blonsky and yet they manage to look fabulous in their dresses, for your special occasion we will go fo a romantic floral empire size dress under La Vie En Rose theme, this lovely dress will show less body details and great reflexion of your amazing flourishing personality, alongside few in-theme accessories like rose earrings, flower crown…

For ladies with an “A” body shape

Well Known as the pear shape, this is the most common female body shape, and Men’s most favourite one, with the gift of having a narrow waist and hips wider than the shoulders, the pear ladies like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez…. Can wear almost everything. But in order to highlight your blessed wide hips and narrow waist no dress can beat the sequined tight dress, it can be both long and short, with a V-neck open back,or strapless one to show your sexy feminine shoulders.

For ladies with a “V” body shape

For ladies with wider shoulders than the hips and the waistline , with a body shape like an inverted triangle like Renee Zellweger, Teri Hatcher, Naomi Campbell, Demi Moore, Lucy Liu and Kelly Clarkson. This time is about hiding your kinda masculine shoulders, probably you have been avoiding strapless dresses, The V-neck’s , one shoulder dresses … Well, think again! In fact these kind of dresses that will do the trick for you, specially short ones to draw the attention to the legs

For ladies with a “X” body shape

Also known as the hourglass shape and the 8 shape, having the shoulders and hips relatively with the same size, and a defined waist, The Hourglass shape is considered as the sexiest female body shape, if you have this body shape you must pray for to the  lord day and night for giving you a body shape similar to the body shape of Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, Raquel Welch, and Scarlett Johansson. Any Kind of dress will look great on that body shape but we do recommend wrap and pencil dresses, also dresses with belts to take advantage of that defined waist, take also in consideration the A-line dresses

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