‘’Man & Woman’’, The Legendary love story, Represented by Moving Statues

On the seaside city of Batumi, Georgia. Every day at 7 pm, two great lovers meet, on the short of the BlackSea, for 10 minutes. They kiss each other one kiss, then each one of them, goes on his way by passing through the other. Until they meet again the following day, at the same time.

These two great lovers are called ‘’Man & Woman’’. Made by the Georgian artist Tamara Kvessitadze, the ‘’Man & Woman’’, is two 8 meters moving statues. Made in tribute to an amazing love story, from ‘‘Qurban Saiid’s ’’ Novel, even that is a sad one. The name of the author is actually a nickname means ‘’happy sacrifice’’. The real name of the author is unknown, which gives more chances that the story was inspired by true events. The two statues represent the heroes of that great love story, a Muslim boy from Azerbidjan, named ‘’Ali’’, and a Christian Georgian princess, named ‘‘Nino’’.

The story took time between 1918 and 1920. When Ali who worked as a teacher in the Russian empire met Princess Nino, the two felt in love. Ali faced the world to ask Nino’s hand. But due to coming from different backgrounds, and with a different religion, Ali didn’t succeed to ask in his task, and the lovers couldn’t be together. Later many unfortunate events followed up, and things got more complicated when Ali killed one man, who competed with him on asking Nino’s hand. Then he escaped to Azerbaijan through Iran, the lovers got reunited then split up in the Caucasian mountains, and continued to suffer from the split until Ali died defending his country from the Russian invasion.

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