Makeup Tips & Tricks to Minimize Imperfections & Transform Your Facial Features

One of the most popular uses for makeup is to create effects that alter how your face is perceived by others. The goal is to trick the eye into resting in certain areas and skimming over others—not to distract with bright colors. The following effects will fit right in with a natural look and should be applied once blush and bronzer are in place. The first thing to realize is that shadowing minimizes imperfections, while lightening draws the eye. It can be helpful to use a powder foundation with a palette of skin tones that will allow you to blend and mix colors.

If you would like to make a large nose less noticeable, apply dark foundation on the nose and lighter on the sides of the nose. Also, avoid placing cheek color close to the nose. If you would like to make a small or flat nose more prominent, apply lighter foundation down the center of the nose, ending at the tip. 

To minimize the width of your nostrils, apply dark foundation on the sides of the nostrils (that is, the area where nostrils would be pierced).

To camouflage loose skin under the chin, use a darker foundation on the sagging portion. You may do the same to loose skin around the jawline.

To make cheekbones seem more prominent, place a darker foundation below your blush.

To make lips appear fuller, use a light color just above the middle of the top lip and just below the middle of the bottom lip. 

To minimize puffiness around the eye, use a light color just above your blush.

To round out a longer face, run a large fluffy brush dipped slightly in translucent powder quickly around your hairline.  The above tip can also be used with any face shape, to make the face pop.

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