9 Makeup Mistakes That Ruin Your Whole Look

Makeup can be quite a tricky skill to master. I’m sure you’ve seen countless faces of badly applied makeup and thought to yourself, “I would never do my makeup like that”. Those makeup mistakes could definitely be avoided though, let’s make it clear! the products you apply on your face doesn’t have much importance compared to how you apply them, it’s like having a supercar while you can’t drive, worthless, right? We will talk about how to apply makeup from A to Z, from what to do before applying it, to foundations, to concealer, to your eyebrows, eyelashes …… TO EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO APPLY YOUR MAKE UP LIKE A PRO.

Without further delay, let’s look at 9 of the popular Face Makeup Mistakes and discuss how to avoid them.

1-  Skipping Primer.

The first and the worst thing you could do to yourself is not to prime, not to prime is a crime. Priming helps create a smooth base that can diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, and uneven skin tone and textures. By using the primer, you can get away with less foundation. How to prime? don’t rub, tap it in wherever you’ve got like large pores uneven skin…



2- The Beauty Blender: Wet vs Dry

Never use the Beauty Blender dry it’s gonna soak all the product in you’re gonna be left with nothing and the result is gonna look like ….. hmmm you don’t want that. Trust me, okay!!



3- Don’t Rub The Foundation While Applying it.

always test foundation on your jawline or neck. Don’t test foundation on your hand or anywhere else because it is highly possible that your hand and face are not of the same skin tone. How to apply it. Your method of application is really dependent on the type of foundation you use. When using a liquid foundation, it is best to use a stippling brush. A stippling brush is one with black and white, soft, synthetic bristles. It is made for liquid products like moisturizers and liquid foundations. They are great for applying the product all over the face because the bristles help to create a well-blended and almost airbrushed look. If you are using cream to powder foundation, you want to use a cosmetic sponge because this type of foundation is not easily absorbed by the sponge. It kind of sits on the surface of the sponge and because the product it so thick and solid, the sponge is able to blend it into the skin in a way that the brush cannot do. The sponge also allows you to start off with a little foundation and build it until you achieve the coverage that you desire. For the tinted moisturizer, you can actually use your hands to apply it because the pigment is so minimal that it will not create a blotchy look. If you do, however, prefer using a tool to apply your tinted moisturizer, the stippling brush will work perfectly.



4-  Avoid: “The Cake Face”.

If you’re not sure what cake face is, this is when someone’s makeup looks very heavy as if they applied hundreds of layers of foundation. We’ve all seen it, been scarred by it and some are turned off from makeup forever because of it. The key to a flawless face is to look like you have no makeup or barely any. You should look like a tastefully enhanced version of yourself. So how do you avoid the dreadful cake face?  Simply remember that less is more. The drop of foundation you use should not be more than the size of a pearl. If you have skin problems to cover, use a concealer and spot correct those specific areas versus applying multiple layers of foundation all over the face.



5-A foundation that looks like a ghost mask

This happens when someone uses a foundation that is too light of a shade for them. This can be avoided by contouring with a darker powder or bronzer to bring dimension back to the face as well as choosing a foundation using the method outlined in Your “Ultimate Guide On How To Apply Foundation Like A Master.



6- Blotchy looking foundation

The way to avoid this by using a moisturizer and foundation primer every time before applying foundation. It is also important to use a brush or sponge instead of applying foundation with your fingers.



7- Foundation that is too dark

A foundation that is too dark is just as dreadful as a foundation that is too light. To avoid this, use the fool-proof method of matching foundation which is to test them on your jaw until you find one that disappears into your skin.


8- D’ont Rub The Concealer

And again the main problem with applying concealer is rubbing instead of tabbing, Concealer is a highly pigmented cosmetic product that is used to cover blemishes, spots, and dark circles, as well as highlighted areas of the face. It is very similar to the foundation but it is usually thicker and much more pigmented. It covers up areas of the face in a way that foundation cannot do.

When choosing which shade of concealer is for you, a simple makeup rule is that your concealer is always supposed to be two shades lighter than your foundation. An extension to that rule is that it only applies when using concealer to highlight specific areas of the face. Concealer can be used for many purposes outside of covering dark circles. It can be used without foundation just to cover specific spots or blemishes. In this case, the concealer should be the same shade as the foundation. It can also be used to contour the face, in which case it should be two shades darker than your skin tone. Now let’s look at how to apply concealer.

When applying concealer, you want to use a concealer brush. This is a flat brush with firm synthetic fibers and it usually has a round edge to help you precisely apply the concealer in the necessary areas. Some brands actually label their brushes so it is easy to find but you are still having difficulty finding the right concealer brush, just go to your local makeup store or makeup counter and ask for it. Once you have applied the concealer, go back in with the foundation brush or sponge and blend out the edges of where the concealer stops. The most important element to achieving a flawless face is ensuring that everything blends together, so always remember this step. Continue blending until it all looks seamless. Blending is key.



9- Countouring  The Eyebrows 

one of the biggest mistakes that I see on doing eyebrows is to use a really bad shade and I’ve seen also a lot of women do make a square at the beginning of the eyebrows, I hate this square! like you cannot do this you just can’t this should be against the law !! nobody has eyebrows like that naturally, instead what you want to do is just follow your natural line I make sure that you do a contour for your eyebrows under and above and then  rushing them through to just spread the product at the beginning of your eyebrows, just do a light strokes as if it was there. The eyebrows should look very natural as if you were gifted!!….. you know what I mean

in this article we’ve discussed: priming, foundation, concealer, and contouring the eyebrows, we will highlight the second 9 makeup mistakes in the following article, stay tuned. Don’t forget to share this article and leave a comment if you know extra makeup tips. much love <3


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