9 Celebrity Secrets For Looking Younger At Any Age

Do you ever wonder how some people in their late 50s or 60s manage to look so youthful? Especially celebrities! From their glowing complexions to their plump skins, they have undeniably mastered the art of looking eternally young! For some such as Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek, age seems to do nothing but good. And we can’t help but wonder their secrets to looking continually youthful and fabulous. Unlike the majority thinks, it’s not all about genes, expensive treatments and procedures. Celebrities also have a stash of simple, yet effective anti-aging secrets. Here are some celebrities’ tried-and-true anti-aging secrets to younger looking skin at any age. if you add 5 or 6 of them to your daily routine, no matter which ones you choose the results will shock you.

1- Avoid the sun

GETTY IMAGES: Nicole Kidman Wearing a Hat To Avoid The Sun

First thing to start with, is avoiding the sun. Especially during Spring and Summer, and there is a good reason behind it, it is proven that the sun cost a lot of skin damage, exposing your skin to the sun at high doses cause premature aging of it, that’s why people who live in hot countries, where they are exposed to the sun during the day for long periods of time, look much older than their actual age.

To have a better understanding of the sun’s effect on the skin, check the left side of this 69-year-old’s face, which was exposed to UV rays through his truck window during his 28 years of service as a truck driver, as you can see, it’s visibly more damaged than his right side.

New England Journal of Medicine

If the exposure to the sun is unavoidable, we advise you to protect your face with SPF 50 sunscreen before going out, Also try to have more Vitamin C, which is very effective in reducing acne scars and boosting collagen production, also known for unifying the complexion of skin. For extra protection, we highly recommend wearing a hat, or you can go with an umbrella. It may seem unusual to the western people, but look at the bright side, you’ll be looking fancier!

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