Embracing the Divine Feminine Energy: Healing Through Ritual and Connection


The Call of Rituals and Community

As women, we have an inherent need to connect with others of our kind. We are meant to gather, care for each other, participate in ceremonies, and form circles. Unfortunately, in our modern lives, we often lack this connection. We often work in isolated cubicles and care for our families alone, leaving us without the support and community we crave, especially when our mothers and sisters live far away.

For me, performing rituals provides that sense of connection. When I serve them alone, I can connect with a higher power and reach my most profound self-awareness. Participating in women’s ceremonies connects us to the divine feminine and fosters strong bonds with teachers, friends, sisters, and mothers. These rituals and ceremonies re-energize and help us reinvent ourselves. Even a simple beauty ritual can be a powerful tool for shifting into a more self-healing modality. As women, we have an inherent need to connect with others of our kind.  We frequently miss out on the connection we need in our modern lives. We work in isolated cubicles, care for our families without much help, and have relatives who live far away. Consequently, we tend to go through our days without the support and community we long for.

For me, performing rituals provides that sense of connection. When I serve them alone, I can connect with a higher power and reach my most profound self-awareness. When I attend gatherings with other women for special occasions, I feel a deep connection to my inner self and create strong relationships with my mentors, friends, new companions, and mother figures. These events allow us to recharge, renew our energy, and transform ourselves. Even an essential self-care routine can be an effective tool for shifting into a more self-healing state of mind.

The Transformative Power of Rituals

Around 20 years ago, I participated in my first ritual. It was an eye-opening experience that introduced me to a new way of healing. The ritual occurred in the winter in Santa Fe, New Mexico. During that time, the red landscape of New Mexico was covered in a thick layer of snow, which added to the magic and mystique of the place.

My former mother-in-law and I embarked on a journey to a small adobe house on the outskirts of town. There, we were blessed with the opportunity to partake in the sacred ceremonies of a wise Native American shaman in her sweat lodge.

I’ll give it a shot! 

Let me take you on a journey to my first encounter with the mysterious and powerful cleansing herbs, like sage, and the transformative power of prayer. Picture this: It was one of the hottest days of summer, and I found myself standing naked in a small lodge, preparing to embark on a three-hour ceremony. The heat was almost unbearable, but that was the beginning of the test of strength, will, and spirit ahead. 

As the chants began and the air filled with smoke and sweat, I felt my emotions well inside me. I had thought I had buried my demons deep enough, but the power of this ceremony was something else entirely. I cried openly as my spirit was pushed to the limit, and there were moments when I wanted nothing more than to run away. But something deep within me told me to stay and to keep pushing through the discomfort and the fear. 

It was a journey of self-discovery and transformation that I’ll never forget.

I would lower myself to the ground and put my body against the cool earth in these moments. Feeling the strength of the earth’s feminine energy beneath me, I inhaled the refreshing air that revived my spirit. If I could withstand this experience, I knew I could overcome anything beyond the lodge.

After experiencing a rigorous sweat, I emerged feeling renewed, my senses fully awakened. I could see the world in new ways, with rainbows and shimmering orbs around me. The shaman had prepared a feast of hummus, crackers, olives, salads, and fresh juices that glittered like gems, and every bite was a true delight.

This experience stripped me raw and reignited my passion for beauty and pleasure. During this ritual, the shaman revealed my connection to the wolf using the Latin word “lupus.” This was the beginning of my journey into a newfound world of discovery. Since then, I have realized that simple rituals, such as gathering flowers, making a mandala, and calling in the Four Directions, can connect us to the earth and elevate our lives to a higher realm. Even something as simple as lighting a candle and praying can help us to root ourselves in the present moment and connect with the divine.

Embracing Rituals in Everyday Life

“The way you approach something is what matters the most. Mindfulness and intention are all that you need to turn a routine into a ritual. Ask yourself whether you are treating your beauty routines as a chore or an act of self-love. Are you mindlessly applying body oil or taking the time to anoint yourself with care?

In a world that overstimulates and overextends us, women are losing touch with their need for pleasure and desire. As a result, we are left feeling empty and unfulfilled. We must fill ourselves with the divine by creating moments of abundance and happiness in our lives.”


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