Ancient Bathing Rituals: Unlocking Ancient Bathing Secrets To Rejuvenate Body and Mind


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Did you know that bathing was considered a divine gift of health in ancient times? It’s no wonder that even today, taking a bath can be a therapeutic and rejuvenating experience. For me  it’s a ritual that I look forward to every evening after a long day of work, taking care of my daughter and my animals. It’s the perfect way to have some much-needed “me time” and create a sanctuary for myself. 

Bathing is not only a means of cleaning oneself but also an effective way to boost physical and mental energy while eliminating negativity and promoting relaxation for both the body and mind. Along with its cleansing properties, baths are an excellent method of absorbing natural oils and other beneficial ingredients for the skin, thus providing more than just a cleansing experience. Whenever you feel stressed or fatigued, why not indulge in a long bath to relax and rejuvenate yourself? It can be a lavish indulgence that assists in unwinding and recharging your batteries.

1. Balancing Bath


one banana, mashed or pureed

a teaspoon of ghee

1 teaspoon plain yogurt

2 teaspoons raw honey

3 tablespoons milk, preferably raw

The following pre-bath rub comprises five foods known for balancing the doshas. To start, fill the tub with water at your preferred temperature. Next, mix together banana, ghee, yogurt, honey, and milk to create the rub. Apply the rub on your skin, starting from your feet and working your way up to your face. After massaging it, soak it in the Bath for at least 20 minutes.

2. Cleopatra’s Secret Bath Recipe



3 cups cow’s or goat’s milk, preferably raw 

1 tablespoon raw honey

10 drops of rose essential oil

A handful of organic fresh or dried rose petals


For those looking for a nourishing skin treatment, a bath with a blend of milk, honey, rose petals, and essential oil is a great option. The lactic acid in milk (raw milk is preferred for its enzymes and cleanliness) helps eliminate impurities from the skin. Honey is a natural food for the skin, while rose petals are known for their anti-aging properties and help open the heart. This Bath can leave your skin smooth, soft, and pleasantly fragrant. Moreover, it is particularly beneficial for those who want to balance the Pitta and Vata doshas. Fill the tub with water at your ideal temperature to prepare the Bath. Add milk, honey, essential oil, and rose petals before entering. Soak for at least 20 minutes to enjoy the full benefits of this rejuvenating treatment.

3. Relaxing Mineral Bath

Here’s a great bath recipe for anyone who wants to relax and feel calm. All you need is a cup of magnesium flakes and soothing essential oils like chamomile or lavender. Most of us don’t get enough magnesium in our diets, which can lead to problems with our skin, hair, and sleep. But soaking in a bath with magnesium flakes can help compensate for that. It’s easy to do – just fill your bathtub with warm water, add the magnesium flakes and essential oil, and soak for at least 20 minutes. You’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated afterward!

4. Awakening Bath 


½ cup freshly grated ginger or 1 teaspoon powdered ginger

1 teaspoon almond oil

10 drops of neroli essential oil

A ginger bath can be an excellent remedy for feeling refreshed and relaxed before a night out or experiencing a fever and muscle soreness. It can also help balance Kapha’s dominance. Simply fill your bathtub with water at the ideal temperature. Add ginger, almond oil, and essential oil before getting in. Soak in the Bath for 20 minutes or longer.

5. Clearing Baths 

To Bring in Love

A chunk of pink Himalayan salt

A handful of rose petals

A chunk of dried lavender

Rose quartz crystals

10 drops of rose or lavender essential oil

To Cleanse Negative Energy

A handful of sea salt

A chunk of white sage

A handful of rosemary

Black tourmaline crystals

10 drops of rosemary or sage essential oil

Deborah Hanekamp, a meditation expert and healer, introduced me to using crystals in a bath. I have been doing it ever since. The crystals ‘ energy is amplified when combined with salt, herbs, and flowers in the tub. The use of crystals also makes for a visually beautiful treatment. 

Prepare for a relaxing bath by filling the tub with the right temperature. Once filled, add any ingredients you like, such as bath salts or bubbles, before getting in. Take your time and soak for at least 20 minutes to fully unwind.

6. Facial Steaming 


Facial steaming is an excellent option if you’re looking for a way to get glowing skin and feel relaxed. It’s easy to do before a bath or shower and helps open your pores, removing dirt and oil. Plus, it makes it easier for your skin to absorb other skincare products. You can make your own facial steam using herbs and flowers that smell great and feel good on your skin. Just make sure to use organic and pesticide-free ingredients. You can even forage for some herbs or get them from a reliable source like Mountain Rose Herbs.


  • It is essential to cleanse your face thoroughly. Boil three cups of water in a pot and then transfer the water into a bowl. Next, add a mixture of herbs and flowers and three to five drops of essential oil (if you choose to use it). Remember to use only a tiny amount of essential oil. Cover the bowl and let it steep for five minutes. After that, place your face over the bowl and create a tent using a towel or cloth to trap the steam. Relax and visualize beautiful images while sitting for ten minutes. You can imagine being bathed in nourishing light rays, almost like under a waterfall. Once done, rinse your face with cool water and apply moisturizer or face oil.

In a fast-paced world, the art of bathing transcends its functional aspect to become a ritual of self-care and rejuvenation. These therapeutic bath recipes, steeped in ancient wisdom, offer more than just physical cleansing; they grant a sanctuary for the weary soul. Whether you indulge in Cleopatra’s beauty secrets or seek to balance energies and embrace tranquility, each Bath invites a restoration journey. Beyond the soothing waters, the practice extends to facial steaming, a meditative prelude that nurtures skin and spirit. These rituals, bequeathed by tradition or discovered anew, offer serenity amid life’s chaos. Embrace these acts of self-pampering as an ode to an age-old legacy—a testament to the enduring gift of wellness practices from the past, nurturing the present.

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