Ellie Goulding Reveals Her Beauty Routine



The acclaimed British singer-songwriter behind chart-topping hits like “Love Me Like You Do” and “Burn,” Ellie Goulding, has been a beacon of musical prowess and modern beauty. Recently, amidst the release of her latest album, “Brightest Blue,” Goulding has been captivating audiences with her music, radiant presence, and evolving beauty regimen.

Known for her exquisite sense of style, Goulding resides between London and Oxfordshire, effortlessly blending city chic with countryside elegance. Beyond her music, she’s made headlines with her advocacy for fitness and wellness, showcasing her dedication to a balanced lifestyle. As a role model for many women, her beauty routine, which she gracefully adapts to her busy schedule, has become a subject of admiration and curiosity.

In addition to her musical endeavors, Ellie Goulding’s foray into beauty and skincare has piqued the interest of her female audience. Her embrace of natural, organic products and her openness about skincare challenges resonate with women seeking glamour, authenticity, and practicality in their beauty routines. Goulding’s latest insights and beauty discoveries hold a special allure, inspiring women to explore their own paths to radiance.

Recently, Ellie Goulding graciously shared her coveted beauty insights, unveiling her cherished makeup essentials, skincare rituals, beloved fragrances, and haircare tips in an exclusive reveal.



My makeup fascination is from watching my mom do it growing up. She’s really good at it. I tend to keep a pretty natural look and then dramatize it for the stage. So, with M.A.C., they wanted to do a particular collaboration in that the collection is basically made up of the colors I wear. I like the idea of a compact because it fits my lifestyle. You put it on in the morning, and then you can take it with you. I’ve been using the Halcyon Days one.

I fill in my brows with a Sisley Paris brow pencil—the line has long-lasting gorgeous colors. And if I’m not using my M.A.C. lipsticks or glosses, then I also love Charlotte Tilbury’s lip color in Bitch Perfect, which is a pink nude and stays on really well. I’m blonde and not dark, so I tend to shy away from red lips. I’ll use mascara, and I love lots and lots of lashes. Before Lucy Wearing, my makeup artist started coming on tour with me. I’d do my makeup for the stage, and I am pretty good at lashes. We had a New Year’s Eve party, and I did all my friends’ lashes. 


I usually shower in the morning, then come out and use a toner. I tend to get quite glowy skin, and this toner by Pixi, which is vegan and animal-friendly and is generally a brand I love, helps with that. Then, I usually use a Rodial serum. Usually, I tend to go for a serum more than a moisturizer because I also use a minimal amount of sunless tan. I love being tan, and I don’t like to use sun beds, so I’ve become a self-tan expert. I like James Read, and the Express Glow Mask is the best. The color develops quickly, so you don’t end up darker than you wanted to be in the middle of the day.

If I’m doing a shoot or performing, I particularly like a water-based makeup remover called Bioderma Sensibio H2O. When you’re on a shoot and going through multiple looks, your eyes can get pretty sore with the makeup changes. This one is really gentle. If I have time—I don’t do it very often—I’m really into the Rodial Dragon’s Blood Eye Masks. I’ve been obsessed with Rodial for a few years now, and they also have this Super Acids X-Treme Hangover Mask that is quite realistic, I think. People may have a drink or two and then use this in the morning. 


I wear one by Christian Dior called Gris Montaigne. It’s lovely but also unisex. I discovered it while literally walking in a department store. Someone working there sprayed me as I walked by. At first, I was annoyed, but then it smelled pretty nice. I can even spray on a couple spritzes, and it’s not overwhelming. Another one I like is Black Opium by Y.S.L. It’s so beautiful; I understand why it’s a best-seller. That’s one I’d wear in the evening. 


I’m desperately trying to get my hair to grow. I’ve always been a long-haired kind of girl. When I look at pictures of myself, I always think I really want my long hair back. Also, you still need a reasonable length of healthy hair to put extensions in. I’m not afraid of admitting I use extensions and spray tan. That’s what I do, and that’s what many girls do. I find it fun. Anyway, I had a hair disaster recently and had to cut my hair short.

Around the time I was promoting my album in New York, it was the best that my hair had been. It’s kind of short because of the disaster, and I’ve resisted the temptation of dying it—my roots are down to my ears! I’ve been using this product called F.A.S.T., which is supposed to make your hair grow fast, but I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and I haven’t seen a difference. Otherwise, I usually use Kérastase volumizing shampoo and conditioner. You know when you find a shampoo that works for you? This is it.

For styling products, I’m particular about what I use. I use B.C. Repair Rescue Sealed Ends by Schwarzkopf. I’ve dyed my hair and have had a lot of treatment. This is not really a cream and not really an oil, but it works. Then, I’ll use Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray. It smells so good, and I love having my hair more significant and dramatic, especially if I’m going out. Because I’m often on the road, people all over the board cut and dyed my hair. If I’m in London, I’ll get my extensions done at Easton Regal and get my hair cut by Louis Byrne. 

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