Nina Dobrev’s 10-Minute Beauty Routine, Haircare Insights, Fragrance Picks, Skincare Secrets, and Makeup Must-Haves



Can you imagine managing your skincare and makeup routine within 10 minutes? It’s truly astounding, right? Nina Dobrev effortlessly accomplished this feat, as revealed in her recent beauty disclosure to Allure. Despite possessing skills reminiscent of a professional glam squad, Nina humbly acknowledges the invaluable guidance she’s received. She attributes her mastery of makeup techniques to the talented artists she’s collaborated with over the years, whether on set or during photoshoots. She emphasizes how she’s translated these lessons into her personal routine at home.

While most of us lack access to industry insiders, Nina generously shared her curated list of preferred skincare and makeup essentials and her reliable application pointers.


My hair is a few inches below my shoulder right now. I’ve been dying to cut my hair for the last seven years: to cut it pretty short, but not like boy short. I did that in grade six, and I looked like a boy. Actually, I had to wear a dress, otherwise I was mistaken for one. I wouldn’t go that short again, but maybe an above-the-shoulder bob. But because I was on Vampire Diaries for so many years, I was not allowed contractually.

I’m looking forward to having a role coming up so I can cut it. Riawna Capri, my hairstylist, is also dying to do it. I met her through a friend who was getting his haircut.

As I was sitting in the chair in the salon, she was looking at me, and she was like, “You need some help. Your hair looks dull, and you need a little trim.” She gave me a gloss treatment, trimmed my hair, and didn’t even charge me. I had just moved to L.A. and didn’t even have a show. There was no reason to suck up to me in any way. I didn’t see her for about a year after that. But when I had my first movie to promote, my agent contacted her to do my hair. We’ve become excellent friends since. We have the same energy. She’s so positive.



Anyway, right now, this is my natural color. I’ve had ombré in the past and many different things. I use a lot of Unite products because Riawna suggested them. They’re amazing. They smell great and are incredibly moisturizing. There’s one called 7SECONDS Detangler that you spray and leave in. I have naturally curly hair; I can walk out of the shower, use the spray, and have beachy, wavy hair. But otherwise, I’m not especially good at doing my hair; that’s not my forte.



I do like fragrance, but minimally. I have two signature scents.

They are Burberry Body for the night, but day to day, I use Fresh,

the Hesperides Grapefruit spray. I don’t overdo it. I like my

natural pheromones to have a chance.



In the morning, I press my snooze button about fifteen to thirty times and then go to my bathroom to splash cold water on my face. I have a specific regimen after that. I always wash with my cleanser by Kate Somerville and then Lancer. The Method: Polish to exfoliate. But for the most part, I do all Kate Somerville. I found out about Kate through Riawna. I do the Nourish Daily Moisturizer, and I have the DermalQuench as well. Hydrating with that a couple times a day. I even have a travel-size one in my purse. I’m sort of obsessed with all things travel-size. They’re so cute looking and adorable. But it’s also because I’m on a plane every four to five days. I have to stay moisturized. I also use Kiehl’s Creme de Corps on my body.


When I’m not working, I don’t really wear makeup. But I like to counteract that with a lip for that reason. I might do an intense lip color to create the illusion that there’s stuff there. One of the items I love is the NARS Velvet Lip Glide. I have it in a brighter pinkish-red; I like bold colors. But if I am wearing foundation—everyone has a blemish or dark circles from lack of sleep at some point—my go-to is Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet. It covers well but not too much. Also, it has powder built into the foundation. It’s great for someone on the go. I might do a little bit of contouring. I was taught by a makeup artist.

You should accent certain parts of your face: the cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and above your eyebrows. Depending on my mood, I use different bronzers, but I prefer matte ones. I always try to go more natural. You get enough sparkle from the sunshine in L.A. I love Kevyn Aucoin for eyeshadows. The colors are more matte, and I have an earth-tone palette. My complexion is more bronze-y and dark, so it works. For mascara, I love Benefit They’re Real! For eyeliner, I go back and forth between a liquid one by Dior and one by an Asian brand I discovered while traveling for the press. They’re doing something right in Asia; it does not budge. If I’m going out, I love a cat eye. Audrey Hepburn is a big inspiration for me, and her look was a lot of cat eye.

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