7 Best Essential Oils: Their Benefits and How To Use Them



Essential oils remedy everything from sleepless nights to sore muscles, headaches, cuts, and insect bites. Often, a simple inhalation does wonders, but you can also rub these oils directly on your body after diluting them with jojoba oil to absorb them into the skin.

They are lovely when applied to temples, the soles of the feet, pulse points, or pressure points. I use essential oils throughout my day: energizing and uplifting oils like peppermint and lemon in the morning; oils that help me focus and revive me on busy afternoons, like frankincense and sandalwood; and soothing, relaxing oils like lavender before going to bed or when I am traveling.

To inhale them, put a few drops on a cotton ball or a tissue, hold it to your face, and breathe deeply. Use them in an essential oil diffuser to scent a room, or put a few drops in the linen closet. Be sure to test your sensitivity to an essential oil by applying a drop to the inside of your arm. The following are the oils I would like to have on hand.


Frankincense Oil 

This ancient oil promotes an overall sense of well-being. It helps to relieve inflammation, boosts your immune system, aids in digestion after a heavy meal, and facilitates and eases premenstrual symptoms and cramps. Its astringent properties help kill germs on the skin, and it has even been shown to fight some cancer cells.

Lavender Oil 

Lavender oil is a go-to classic, but you can choose a different flower oil, such as geranium, clary sage, rose, neroli, or jasmine. These oils will soothe your nerves and help you relax. You can add drops to your skin and body oils or anoint pulse points to increase feelings of sensuality and attractiveness.

Flower oils can help lift your mood and transition you back to your emotional and creative self after too many long hours at work. They also can help make closets and nurseries smell light and lovely. 

Lemon Oil 

Lemon oil is an instant mood booster. Massaging drops into the bottom of the feet can help wake you up when you feel sluggish. Lemon helps decongest the liver, balance blood sugar, and ease hunger. For people used to being in the spotlight, lemon helps them to find gratifying pathways and peace of mind without external validation, as it clears the auric fields and resets your olfactory senses. It is a great oil to take on vacation. I always have a bottle with me when I travel.

Peppermint Oil 

Peppermint oil delivers an icy blast on a hot day. Cooling and soothing, it helps alleviate muscle pain and calm an upset stomach or a throbbing head. Breathing or massaging it into the chest can help with respiratory issues from colds or allergies. This is an oil that stimulates creativity. 

Rosemary Oil 

Rosemary oil relieves stress and anxiety and promotes focus and clarity. It can aid while studying or preparing for a big event that requires concentration and planning. It supports physical stamina and emotional strength. When massaged into the scalp, it promotes hair growth and prevents dandruff. It also helps increase circulation, which makes it an excellent addition to massage and body oils. 

Sandalwood Oil 

Suppose you can afford some high-quality sandalwood oil. In that case, it is a sensual and luxurious addition to your essential oil regimen. It helps to relax breathing and serves as an antidepressant. It increases vitality and is a superior oil for meditation, enabling you to center yourself and connect with the source of all being.

Tea Tree Oil 

Tea tree oil is a powerful antiseptic that can effectively treat skin and scalp conditions such as acne, bacterial infections, insect bites, dandruff, and fungal infections like candida, nail fungus, and ringworm.

Note: While many essential oils (like oregano or cinnamon) can be taken internally, never ingest tea tree oil. 


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