The most used thought-control tactics that narcissists use to confuse you



Many narcissists live for winning at all costs.

Narcissists can distort truths by disinformation, simplifying, ridiculing, and sowing doubt. Narcissists are incredibly adept at brainwashing and thought control.

It is essential to recognize the distortions that narcissists practice deliberately and instinctively. You can protect yourself from their tactics by applying critical thinking skills.

Here are 14 tactics that narcissists use to control their thoughts:


1) Emotional appeals:

Playing on emotions like fear, guilt, or loyalty instead of using logic and reason.

Narcissists often use emotional appeals as a way to hide false or outrageous claims. Drama Kings and Queens are often narcissists who use emotional appeals to manipulate others.


2)  A bandwagon:

This is a way to get someone to follow the crowd because everyone else is doing it.

Numbers are a powerful tool for narcissists. They follow their followers on social media and other measures of popularity. This makes them feel validated by having many followers. Focusing on the fear of others of being left out, being rejected, or being wrong by using the power of peer pressure and groupthink.


3) Black and white / Either-or: 

Asserting that there are only two options when there are many.

Narcissists see the world as either/or. They are unable to grasp nuance. This divide-and-conquer approach gives them a sense of power.


4) Burden Of Proof: 

Saying that it is the listener’s responsibility to disprove the speaker’s arguments.

Narcissists are prone to taking such a smug attitude. Narcissists are quick to claim credit, but they don’t like admitting their mistakes. It is difficult to prove that they are wrong when others have to prove it. They do not like to be wrong. Even if you point out the error, they will likely dismiss it or change the topic.


5) False flattery: 

Buttering up others to make them more open to your arguments.

Narcissists  rarely receive a compliment that they don’t like. They believe that others are just as susceptible to flattery. They flatter their listeners in the hope of receiving something back.

You are too intelligent to be manipulated by me.


6)Incredulity – acting as if what someone says is impossible.

This tactic is often used by narcissists when they don’t understand what the other person says. Instead of admitting they are confused, they pretend what the other person says is unbelievable. This is an attempt at dismissing valid concerns.



Using a negative phrase or putting negative attributes on a person or a position.

Narcissists love labels. 


8)False compromise: 

Offer to meet halfway on issues where there are clearly fair and unfair choices.

A compromise that mistreats the other person still counts as a compromise.



9)Empty promises: 

Promises to give you something you want, but without any intention or plan of fulfilling that promise.


10) Quoting Out of Context: 

Repetition of only a part of the words of another or using their words out of context.

Narcissists use this tactic to put others on the defensive and discredit them.

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