11 valentine’s day original ideas

The valentine’s day, the day of the lovers is almost here. As there are a thousand ways to say ‘’ I love you’’, there are a thousand ways to celebrate valentine’s day with your love. Whether you like to have a romantic date or a none traditional celebration. The classic candlelight dinner not a bad idea after all, but there are also many other ways that can transform the 14 February of this year, to an unforgettable day. Here we brought you 11 valentine’s day original ideas.

1- The candlelight dinner

As we said before, the candlelight dinner isn’t a bad idea after all, but at your place instead of that charming, fancy restaurant. You don’t have to break the bank! With a delicious homemade dinner, with candles, some chocolates, and a fine bottle of wine.

2- The fireplace dinner

The fireplace will make it even better. Having a picnic at home, in front of the fire is an amazing romantic way to spend Valentin’s day. On the floor, close to each other, don’t forget some champagne on ice standing by.

3- The rooftop dinner

This lovely dinner can also take a place on the rooftop, if you if you live in a tall building, or you can manage to get on top of one. You will enjoy the dinner under the stars, with an amazing panoramic view of your lovely city.

4- The handwritten letter

In the era of e-mails, textos, and WhatsApp, the handwritten letter will be a bonus point. Nothing can beat the handwritten letter in expressing your feeling, and emotions to your partner.

5- The nostalgic tour

You can also make a list of places, that have a special meaning to your relationship. Places like: where you first see each other, where was your first date, first kiss… And revisit these sites for a nostalgic, romantic tour

6- The spa V-day

This year’s V-day will be on Thursday. Usually, before the weekend, we tend to have a lot of stress from work. So why not take advantage and make it a spa night, you can have it at home, or outside in a spa, or a Moroccan hammam, with a hot bath filled with rose petals, with some glasses of wine and chocolates to add more romance.

7- Camping V-day

For adventurous couples, why spending Valentin’s day in the city? With these wild spirits, camping would be a great idea, in a peaceful mountain, or on a wild beach, grab some marshmallows, chocolates, and some beers. Then spend the night cuddling up, while enjoying the clear stars in the skies, and the sound of the roaring fire.

8- spread the love

Also you can invite your friends, and take some time to cook with your loved partner, and share the joy of this day with your friends, don’t forget that friendship is a kind of love.

9-Love in the air

Write love notes and spread them all over where your partner goes around, like the bedroom, car, toilet, closet…

10- Trebute video

Make a video where you put a tribute to your partner, tell him what do you love about them, his qualities, and what seduces you…

11- Your favourite playlist

Gather a playlist of music, music that has a meaning to your relationship. And play these songs in chronological order.

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