Things You Shouldn’t Ignore When Pregnant

Pregnancy raises a slew of questions, particularly about your and your baby’s health. Pregnant women often experience many novel sensations, and it can be both mentally and physically tough. Not only is your body changing in a billion different ways, but every little cramp can make you panic that something is wrong. Relax, say the experts. “Women need to keep in mind that most pregnancies go smoothly,” Many of them are perfectly normal. And the majority women have healthy, normal pregnancies. So which signals to ignore and which are worth a call to your OB-GYN? Here are 11 call symptoms that you should see a doctor about.

Urination that hurts


Although frequent urination is a normal pregnancy issue, burning and pain when emptying your bladder is not. This symptom is a clear indicator of a bladder infection, also known as a urinary tract infection (UTI), which is a common occurrence among women and is especially unpleasant during pregnancy. Preventing complications by treating these symptoms is a good idea (which can include preterm labor and low birth weight babies). A UTI can progress to a kidney infection, which has been related to preterm labor if left untreated for several days or weeks. So, while you don’t need to see a doctor right away, make an appointment as soon as possible..

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